Day 1



Anxiety had its hands at my throat today, I don’t know what normal anxiety feels like, but health anxiety means that I am a hypochondriac, which also means that everything I feel in my body has to be related to something so much more catastrophic. Read More

And so it Began…

iphone 20120527 010
Me and Mom eating our favorite summer meal

This is me and my mother when I was probably around 18 months old. Of course, I do not remember this moment, but I can tell I have had a love of corn on the cob from the time I could eat. Read More

Seaport at Sunset


My first introduction to blogging came when my Creative Writing class was assigned to write about a painting that moved us during a field trip to the Timken Museum. So it only makes sense to write about what opened my eyes to this new endeavour.   Read More

My Exposition


Well here it is, I’m going to just put it out there. I have depression. And I don’t mean I am just a little sad, I mean, full on, can’t function, a severely anxious hypochondriac. Read More

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