Baby Steps

Who needs a chef when you can cook your own delicious meals? This was the compliment I paid myself after cooking dinner tonight, marinated chicken breast, brussels sprouts sauteed in garlic and oil, and steamed carrots with green beans, lightly salted. It doesn’t hurt to pat yourself on the back when you do something that once consumed you with fear. You have to start out with baby steps to take something from a desire, to a way of life, allowing it to become habitual like a second nature type of thing, ya know. It takes hard work and dedication to stay committed to something, and a way to help me stay focused is knowing my why.

It’s what’s for dinner.

When I first started to work with my coach she asked me why I wanted to get into fitness, this was probably 2 years ago now, I told her because my mom died young and I wanted a healthier life, I felt her habits led to her death honestly. Today this still stands true, but the depth of my why goes much further than that. I want to be here for my children and my husband, I want to feel good about myself both inside and out. I don’t want to rely on a pill to make me happy, and I want to take control of the things that I can.

Now, I know the gym makes me happy, but I also know that I can’t just go to the gym and be the healthiest and happiest I can be. I know these baby steps are going to build me into the person I want to be. And I KNOW nutrition plays a massive roll in physiology and the functioning of our bodies. So now that I am back on my journey, I KNOW I can’t just jump into my old routine, I want long lasting results that will take me down a road of longevity. It is hard starting out doing the very basics when you have lifted weights for 10 years (on and off and think you know everything, LOL), but, I trust in my coach and I know she will help guide me there, even in my moments of doubt where I just want results now.

download (2)

I found this quote which left a profound understanding of the path I am pursing. I know physically, I can do more, but I also know I have limits and I have expectations that require crawling before I walk, walking before I jog, and jogging before I can lift heavy ass weights, and not do so much cardio ;). I need to lay the foundation so I don’t fall. If I just went at it, I would probably injure myself, whether that be physically or mentally. One little set back or feeling of inadequacy could send me back into my downward spiral. So, remembering that I have a goal and I need to start somewhere, is the key to my future growth and success.


With all that said, my baby steps are starting with proper nutrition and knowing how my body burns energy so I know how to properly fuel it for the gym, that is me being better than I used to be. Cooking dinner for my family tonight was my baby step, and the fact that fast food is becoming less and less of an option for me, is me being better than I used to be. It will all come together in time (there is no fast fix) and I love that I will be helping others on their own personal health journey someday. That I will be walking them through those baby steps and assisting them with creating the best version of themselves that they and their loved ones deserve. I will leave you with this quote, and I want you to think of something your heart is set on, can you set a goal that will get you crawling, and can crawling get you to walking, walking on the path to a happier you? Whatever that happier you looks like, start laying the foundation that gets you there.

“If all you can do is crawl, start crawling.”- Rumi

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