It’s been a while

It has been a while. I am now a mother of 2 and just finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. A little background on where we left off in the blog, I was  doing fitness and nutrition with a coach, Corissa. During our time working together, I could hear the joy in her voice as she would explain her new found joy in life.  I had the privilege to watch her growth through her personal struggles and obstacles, as she found herself on her journey with health. Her story brought happiness to me and struck a chord in me that made me want to feel the same.

My new revelation hadn’t dawned on me until a few months back when I had been reading a book that challenged me to reflect back on my life. It challenged me to remember the times in my life when I had been the happiest. I pondered, as I delved into the task, and came to the realization that my happiest moments were when I was physically fit. Playing sports growing up, working out during my time in the Navy and recently, when I started to work with a Coach on my health. I felt amazing, happy, less stressed, and overall better, I had more energy and a clearer mind. So, in working with Corissa, I had discovered that the path of helping others, as she was helping me, was what my heart was yearning for, that something bigger in life. I desire to feel good about my life and do something with meaning.

So, here I am now, about 3 months postpartum and I am starting my nutrition quest again with Corissa. I have healed from my C- Section and and am ready to jump back into the gym but still at this point, I need someone to hold me accountable and guide me until I am strong enough to do it myself. I battle with depression still, and that is another reason I am on this new and exciting adventure (I will discuss this later). I am so tired, as I have stated before in my blog, of being a slave to my depression, letting it rule my life, I seriously can’t stress that enough. Feelings of inadequacy, comparing my life to others, feeling overwhelmed, and so many other thoughts of failure that course through my mind, it’s a devastating and crushing blow to my self confidence and abilities as a mother, wife, and person, and quite frankly, it is down right exhausting to feel this daily. I have had ENOUGH!

Vision Board

So in an attempt to make a change, I created this board to help me gain insight into what I really want in life. If you have never utilized affirmations to change your way of thinking, look into it. Anyways, seeing this board the moment I wake up helps me remember why I am doing what I am doing. If you look at closely, there is a hint to what my future holds, and if you hang in there with me, I will share the next year of my life, success, and challenges with all my readers. I CAN’T WAIT!

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