What can I Say?

I’ve been out of the game for a little while now, and just to update the last two months, I have been swamped with school, 2 more quarters, and they can not end soon enough. I learned that I am pregnant, and that is taking its toll on my body, I was working out but I got sick and now my ribs hurt pretty badly. Hopefully I can get back to it soon. And another thing consuming my life right now is my chickens. We have 10 and I spent the last week with my brother building my coop, so any down time I have had has been spent with either my daughter or my chickens.

I would like to add that now that I am pregnant, I am not comfortable being on anti-depressants, so I started to ween myself off but I do not think I am ready yet as I feel the depression creeping in, so I will voice my concerns with my doctor and remain on my prescribed dosage. It is such a struggle as to what the right thing to do is. Of course, my child’s well being will always come first, and the pills are safe for pregnancy, but, how many times have we heard that before. But at the same time if I am not the best me then I am not going to be healthy for my baby. So the struggle is real, and  I only want what is best.

With all this said, I will be on break in a couple of weeks and will have a few weeks to write, so I am excited for that. Sorry for the short blog post, but I just wanted to update everyone!

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