An Inspirational Women

I wanted to take a moment to praise this girl right here, her name you ask? Why, it is the one and only (probably not only) Meghan Rodriguez, and she is one person that I find truly inspirational when it comes to following your heart and dreams.

Meghan and Armando


I had the pleasure of meeting Meghan through my husband’s friend Armando ( Her Beau, or that guy in the picture). We were moving to Spain and our husbands hooked us up for support with moving to a new country and I hoped we would become friends. And of course, we did, I mean look at her, she is totally adorable, haha.

Anywho, my family finally arrived to Spain and once we got settled, I was able to hang out with Meghan a few times. She showed me the famous Rota Gypsy Market, we went to an Olive Mill where they process oil as though it was still the 1800’s (if not earlier, I actually can’t remember) and where I got hit on in front of my husband. We checked out some cool architectural salvage place and even seen Sisters in the tiny little military base theater. We worked out with a great group of gals and even enjoyed the occasional restaurant. But, one time I remember, was when her husband had left on deployment and I had the opportunity of sitting with her at her home. We usually didn’t hang out, just the two of us, so this was a chance for me to know her a little more.

Through our previous communication prior to my arrival I had learned that Meghan has also dealt with depression and was on medications, so I saw this as an opportunity for me to share that I too have depression and it was nice to finally have the chance to talk to someone who would understand the struggle. During the visit we sat outside her Spanish mansion in the beautiful sun of El Puerto de Santa Maria as we conversed. I can’t honestly remember everything we discussed that day, but I know it dealt with sharing some of our fears and struggles along with having a few laughs. I don’t think there was ever a time I didn’t laugh with her. She is probably one of the happiest people I know and it’s entirely contagious.

My family unfortunately had to leave Spain a lot sooner than intended (6months as opposed to 3 years) and naturally I was devastated. That’s one downside to being associated with the military, people come in and out of your life very quickly and you are lucky if you stay friends when you are no longer in the same geographic location. But, we stayed in touch off and on. Over the last few months however, I started following Meghan more closely. One day I saw that she made a post on Facebook that she had been off her medications, that she has been in the gym so much and following a healthy diet, that she no longer needed to depend on them. How amazing is that! The one thing we have control over is what we do with our bodies and what we put in our bodies and when you get the combination right, it can do miraculous things.

Meghan’s Before and After Photos

Shortly after seeing this, she made another announcement, she was going to participate in a Body Figure competition. Now, for her this was a huge undertaking, she didn’t have the best self image perhaps, even though everyone thought she was beautiful just the way she was ( seriously she’s a gorgeous chick), but for her, she wasn’t necessarily “happy” with it. So she did something about it. From my understanding, she spent 12 weeks in the gym, 2 times a day and ate a proper diet for her goals and the results, you guys, were freaking amazing.

When I watched the video she posted from the competition, I could see the radiance emanate as she stepped out on the stage. (And no, it wasn’t the spray tan ;), ok, well, maybe a little bit). You could see the pride in her stride not to mention the ear to ear grin on plastered across her face. It was truly, truly amazing to see someone make this change, with a little help and guidance she was able to transform her whole life. Her exact words to me were, “I now know that coming here was for this very reason. It’s made me a whole new person, it’s crazy”. This wherein lies my inspiration to follow in her footsteps. Perhaps this is why she was brought into my life. (Click link below to see the video)

Competition Video

She has now provoked me to do the same, as my blog post yesterday states, (Day 1 Blog) I  have now found another influential friend to help me with my own goals and I can not wait to feel the way Meghan feels.

So from the bottom of my heart Meghan, when you read this, please know that your courage and determination, willpower and strength have not gone unnoticed, as I am certain you are well aware of. You are amazing and beautiful and you have the biggest heart of just about anyone I know. So thank you for sharing your story and I hope and pray that you continue living out this journey that you are on and I couldn’t be happier for you. YOU ROCK GIRL!



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