My Exposition


Well here it is, I’m going to just put it out there. I have depression. And I don’t mean I am just a little sad, I mean, full on, can’t function, a severely anxious hypochondriac. For the last seven years of my life, ever since my mother passed away, I have been off and on medications and sought the expertise of counselors. And yet here I am today, going back on prescription drugs to feel better.

Now, I know there is people out there who have no idea what I am talking about. You have never dealt with something like this. All I ask as that you don’t judge as this isn’t something easily explained and unless you have dealt with it yourself, chances are you won’t understand, and that is perfectly normal, I just ask that you bear with me.

So as I have stated, as of seven years ago I have dealt with this illness and I am so over it ruling my life. I find that I share my experience with those around me, but it tends to fall on deaf ears and I am left feeling misunderstood. It consumes me so much that I cannot have a conversation without it coming up in some way or feel the need to explain myself to others as a girl who has depression. I don’t want that to describe me as a person and yet I feel obligated to share with strangers so they might gain insight as to why I am the way I am. So I want to gain catharsis through my writing and hopefully can reach those who have struggled, are struggling or may struggle, and give others insight into what it is like.

I am on a journey to finding my purpose in life, here on this earth. I have a yearning for something with depth; there is so much more than just what the eye can see. I am over the material and am looking for the soul pleasing.  Relationships, helping others, happiness and health are becoming more important to me than having the best car, clothes, career or house. And that is why I am here; I want to encourage others while I venture out on this incredible voyage to a happier life.

I am thoroughly stoked about this path ahead of me and I only hope that I can reach as many people out there as possible to encourage others to better themselves, no matter what age, or where they are in life. Your well-being is so crucial to your growth as a person, whoever that may be. I look forward to sharing my days, past, present and future and look to gain insight from future followers.

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